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Tango Creator Lite V 3.1

Tango Creator Lite V 3.1
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Tango Creator : Think Globally. Create Locally

Tango Creator, Alis' easy-to-use, multilingual HTML Web editor, is the ultimate tool for people looking to create exciting Web pages in more than one language. Creator's unique language- handling wizardry bridges the communication gap without supplementary equipment or a trip abroad. With the touch of a single key or click of a mouse, you can choose from over 50 standard keyboard layouts, enter text in over 90 languages or get on-line help in your choice of tongues. What's more, multilingual toolbars and drop-down menus place the latest formatting features - from tables to frames - at your fin gertips, with the correct HTML syntax generated automatically. Always the diplomat, Creator also lets you edit tags manually or freely interchange files with other HTML editing programs. Program also contains Browser and Mail.(Please note: Tango is NOT a translator. Pro version comes with Japanese input support. )

Tango Creator provides you with:

  • The flexibility to enter, edit and publish Web pages in your choice of over 90 languages and to do it with single touch keyboard or mouse commands and over 50 standard keyboard layouts.
  • The convenience of easy-to-use drop-down menus - part of the interface available in major languages.
  • The power of a full range of editing and formatting features with HTML code generated automatically.
  • The efficiency to exchange them seamlessly with other HTML editors.
  • And much more .

    Product ID: 227     UPC: 626055000026
    Categories: Internet, Software - Windows
    Supporting languages: Arabic, English, French
    Platforms/media types: Windows 95/98
    Specifications: 386 PC or higher, 8 MB memory, Microsoft Windowsc version 3.1 or higher, including Windows 95, 98, modem, Internet connection

    Tango Creator - Building the Global Village

    You need to create eye-catching Web pages in more than one language. And you don't want to jump through hoops to do it. Tango Creator, the sophisticated multilingual HTML Web editor from Alis Technologies, speaks your language...whether it's Japanese, French, Arabic, or any number of others. With Tango Creator, you can type, edit and save pages in dozens of languages as effortlessly as you would in English.
    Using your existing keyboard and mouse, you can freely integrate different languages on a single page, switch writing systems on the fly or get on-line help in the language of your choice. And, with Alis' bundled Tango multilingual browser, you can instantly preview your formatted work with an accurate display of just about any type of character, without changing operating systems. No need for in-depth HTML knowledge. With multilingual toolbars and drop-down menus, even the uninitiated can click-and-create. At the same time, more sophisticated users can edit HTML code, control tagging with the push of a button or exchange HTML files seamlessly with other leading editors.

    Language Lessons for your PC
    Tango Creator makes your PC instantly multilingual. You can choose from over 50 keyboard layouts to input text in languages from around the world. And Tango Creator lets you display over 90 languages by providing the appropriate fonts and character sets. You view fully accurate text directly on the screen as you type. What's more, Tango Creator features menus, messages and even on-line help in major languages including French, English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese (traditional and simplified).

    True Linguistic Integrity
    Tango Creator's market-leading linguistic capabilities ensure accuracy in any language. Creating a page in Arabic? Tango Creator produces the contextual analysis for characters, flawless rendering of script and fully accurate right-to-left display. How about Chinese? Tango Creator features phonetic and shape-based input methods. Ideographic Chinese hanzi or Japanese kanji characters are right on the screen, even in tables and on buttons and drop-down lists in HTML forms.

    Type in the Tongue of your Choice
    There's no need for new equipment. A pop-up screen keyboard gives you complete control over your input with the touch of a single key or a click of the mouse. Forget those 3-step keyboard commands. Every character you need is right at your fin gertips. In an instant, Tango Creator lets you change the layout of your keyboard, allowing you to touch-type in your choice of over 50 layouts, complete with several keyboard options in the case of many languages.

    Click and Create
    Tango Creator features the hot tools you need to create a high impact Web page with a few simple clicks. Basic editing functions, from file/edit to character and paragraph formatting, are front and centre. Toolbar access to different keyboard layouts or the language interface switch lets you leap effortlessly between languages. Must-have HTML extensions, such as tables, forms and frames, are at your fin gertips. Buttons, boxes and links are created instantly, with correct HTML syntax generated automatically. At the same time, seasoned users have the option of exerting full control over HTML tagging. Want to add a paragraph in Greek on your English page? Tango Creator lets you add the latest HTML language tags to ensure proper display of inserts in different languages.

    The Perfect Partner
    So you want to combine Tango Creator's linguistic savvy with other Web publishing tools with specialized capabilities? No problem ! Files developed with Tango Creator integrate seamlessly and interchangeably with those of other HTML editors.

    Display - Closing the Loop
    What's the value of a great looking page if it can't be displayed properly? When you create a multilingual Web site, Tango Creator automatically builds in the proper language tags that allow visitors to display your pages accurately - the first time. What's more, as an introductory offer, Tango Creator comes bundled with the Tango browser, the world's first truly multilingual browser. It lets you instantly preview your formatted work and display accented characters or ideograms - or as a matter of fact, just about any type of character - flawlessly, without the need to install various language versions of Windows. As a browser, Tango lets you select the language of your interface, display Web pages authored in over 90 languages and automatically retrieve these pages in the language version you select, if it is available. And it's a quick click from Tango Creator to the Tango browser or any other browser. And, if you want to send a friend the multilingual pages you developed with Creator, the Tango Mail feature of the Tango multilingual browser will allow you to do so accurately, either as part of the message body or as an attachment.

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