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Talyor's Campaign DVD

Talyor's Campaign DVD
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Taylor's Campaign "Best documentary on homelessness in this era." Directed and Edited by Richard Cohen Narrated by Martin Sheen Produced by Amy Kofman and Richard Cohen Cinematography by Gil Kofman and Baird Bryant An intensely gripping, surprisingly humorous and insightful look at hardworking people living in cardboard lean-tos in Santa Monica, California, dumpster diving for survival. When new laws jeopardize their civil rights, a destitute ex-truck driver named Ron Taylor runs for Santa Monica city council. His candidacy becomes a quest for tolerance. Taylor's Campaign tells the story of one community's treatment of people who are homeless, yet "the film is a mirror of what is happening around the country" (Street Sheet, San Francisco). The issues of human dignity, civil rights, hunger, substance abuse, treatment by the criminal justice system, hope vs. hopelessness are universal and poignantly conveyed. "Excellent documentary" ... "cuts right to the heart of the plight of the homeless." Kevin Thomas, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES "The brash honesty of Taylor's Campaign infuses the tragedy of homelessness with both humor and empathy. The film pulls viewers into the situation of the homeless, making us feel what it is like to be second-class citizens." Holly Payne, RELEASE PRINT "TROUBLE IN PARADISE" "Fascinating...this film is highly recommended for all collections." LIBRARY JOURNAL, Kellie Flynn

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