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Talmud - Israeli DVD DVD

Talmud - Israeli DVD DVD
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In this authoritative documentary, director Pierre-Henry Salfati traces the history of the Talmud--the repository of millennia of Jewish wisdom. In doing so, he posits the question: What comprises this cardinal text of Judaism? Originally passed down orally from master to student, the Talmud is the hidden face of the Torah, or Old Testament. It is a vast body of legal, mythic, and philosophical texts, as well as a mixture of religious commentary and debate, history and science, anecdote and humor. No other text has had such an influence on Jewish life, detailing the principles, ethical codes, and laws that serve as a guide for everyday conduct. The film also guides the viewer through the history of Jewish communities, concluding with present-day New York. "Remarkable" (CBS Tele). In French, English, and German with English subtitles.

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