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Talking Bible - Spanish
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What is the Talking Bible?

  • A self contained battery operated listening device
  • The entire New Testament on one inserted tape
  • Made to withstand harsh conditions
  • Easier to operate than turning a page!

    Since the early 1900's Bible translation has been a very important focus of missionary activity. Our goal is to make every translated language available to everyone . . . readers and non-readers alike.

    World Mission's Talking Bible now opens the scripture in an audio format allowing missionaries to respond to the growing demands from illiterate people in the fields of harvest around the world! Even though the Bible is available in many languages it is a totally closed book for the hundreds of millions of people who are illiterate. The question every Christian should be concerned with is "How will the Word of God penetrate the hearts of these precious people"?

    Friends, using this system to convey the Word of God is touching the lives of entire tribes of people. Requests are coming in daily from our missionary partners. They realize that on average 12 people gather together to listen to each Talking Bible. It makes their job easier and it makes your gift have an exponential impact!

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