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Talk Now Learn Swahili

Talk Now Learn Swahili
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Talk Now Learn Swahili is designed for people who want to learn a language quickly. It's fun, fast, and makes learning easy. If you don't have time to become fluent, but need the basics in a hurry, Talk Now! is for you.
  • Ideal for beginners, Comprehensive, and Interactive.
  • Topics include: first words, phrases, food, shopping, numbers and time.
  • Immediate response to every choice you make.
  • Compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers, using the record facility.
  • Test your knowledge with easy and hard quizzes, plus a challenging memory game.
  • Monitor your progress, keep a check on your total score, and print your own awards.
  • Print your own picture dictionary for handy reference.

    Product ID: 42162     ISBN-13: 9781843520337
    Categories: Learn, Software - Mac, Software - Windows
    Supporting language: Swahili
    Platforms/media types: Mac, Windows XP, CD-Rom, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98
    Specifications: Color Display, Sound Card, CD-Rom or DVDRom drive, Microphone(recomended) MAC OS 9 or X
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