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Languages > Italian > Learn > Intermediate > Talk Now Learn Italian Intermediate Level II
Talk Now Learn Italian Intermediate Level II

Talk Now Learn Italian Intermediate Level II
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Talk Now Learn Italian Intermediate Level II language learning
( for all ages)
Talk Now Intermediate is the perfect follow-on to our popular "Talk Now" range. As well as new activities, we've added dictation, worksheets and a brand new recording section.

Topics covered include: the calendar, sentence building, asking directions, the weather and numbers.

The interactive TV Quiz is a definite hit, where our resident champion may turn out to be more intelligent than he looks! You can also compete in a one-to-one match with a friend!

  • Recording studio.Gain confindence in speaking the language Take the part of an actor and record yourself!
  • DictationSix stories to give practice in dictation and comprehension-at a speed of your choice!
  • Printable worksheets that you can take anywhere

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    Categories: Learn, Learn > Intermediate
    Supporting language: Italian
    Platforms/media types: Mac, Windows, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows XP, CD-Rom, iMac
  • Windows - 3.1, 95 or 98: Colour VGA Monitor, Sound Card, 486 processor or better, 8MB of RAM, CD-ROM dive and Microphone(Recommended)
  • Macintosh - OS System7 or higher,Colour monitor, 68030 processor or higher (eg.power PC), 8MB RAM, CD-ROM and MAC compatible mic (Recommended).
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