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Languages > English > Religious Studies > Tales from the Ramcharit Manas
Tales from the Ramcharit Manas

Tales from the Ramcharit Manas
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Tales from India's most popular epic told in a way that they seem interesting and engrossing for the youth.

The Ram Charit Manas is one of the most popular epics of the land. The tired farmer sings it to the accompaniment of the simple dholak (drum). The savants, to bring forth the acme of human behavior sing it. It is studied by the erudite for its faultless meter and lofty philosophy. It is quoted as a gospel, both by the good and the cunning. It is a textbook that is being taught to the young in school and the same is the source material for him, who seeks a doctorate in literature.

There is magic in its pages. When studied as a social science, it helps a sincere student to grasp the acme of human behavior. It has the most wonderful description of the nature presented in poetic form.

The stories of the Ram Charit Manas contain in their suggestive depth the highest knowledge available to the mind of the mankind - the knowledge that the German philosopher Schopenhauer called the highest reach of the human intellect.

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