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Languages > Polish > MP3 Player > Superproduction (Superprodukcja) - Polish DVD
Superproduction (Superprodukcja) - Polish DVD

Superproduction (Superprodukcja) - Polish DVD
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Robert Koehler of Variety describes Juliusz Machulski's satiric spoof of the film industry as "slickly produced and chock full of whiz-bang effects." No showbiz insider is spared as the movie mercilessly targets crooked producers, untalented starlets, shallow talk-show hosts, and even current Polish directors who mimic Hollywood action blockbusters. The plot involves a mob boss who wants to finance a production for his bimbo girlfriend and hires an uncompromising film critic to write the script. When the critic--a cineaste famous for criticizing popular movies--turns in his treatment, the gangster dumps it and forces him to write a commercial crowd-pleaser. In Polish with English subtitles.

Product ID: 110211
Category: MP3 Player
Supporting languages: English, Polish
Platforms/media types: DVD