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Languages > French > Learn > Slang > Street French 3 - The Best of Naughty French
Street French 3 - The Best of Naughty French

Street French 3 - The Best of Naughty French
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A crash course in the earthy side of the "language of love" Now that you've mastered the subtleties of French grammar and idiom, it's finally time for the good stuff. Forget all about what's masculine or feminine for a moment and get up to snuff on the most outrageous collection of euphemisms, insults, expletives, obscenities, vulgar gestures, and sexual slang. This is the French you won't find in any textbook dialog—until now. To berate anyone with this kind of banter, you'd normally have to hang in back alleys of some dangerous arrondissement of Paris. Now you simply need to browse through the pages of Street French 3. This guided tour of raunchy, risqué, and ribald French is the third volume of Wiley's Street French series. Each fun and easy lesson includes vocabulary list, dialogue, a glossary of synonyms and antonyms, and a practice session consisting of word games, crossword puzzles, and self-tests DAVID BURKE (Los Angeles, California) studied in Paris, is a fluent French speaker, and is the author of the Street French series and Street Spanish (Wiley). David's other books include Street German, Street Talk and Big Talk.

Product ID: 109356     ISBN-13: 9780471139003
Categories: Learn, Learn > Slang
Supporting language: French
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: ISBN: 978-0-471-13900-3 Paperback 256 pages April 1997
Euphemisms and Dating Slang. NonVulgar Insults and Putdowns. Vulgar Insults and Name-Calling. Body Parts in Slang. Sexual Slang. Bodily Functions, Sounds and Smells. The Many Uses of "Merde." The Many Uses of "Chier." The Many Uses of "Con." The Many Uses of "Foutre." Glossary.
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