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Spellex Pharmaceutical 13.0

Spellex Pharmaceutical 13.0
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Turn your basic spell checker into a pharmaceutical word expert with Spellex Pharmaceutical 13.0, the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate pharmaceutical spelling checker ever developed. Listed below is product information for Spellex's comprehensive pharmaceutical spell checking software:

  • Includes comprehensive pharmacologic - therapeutic classifications covering anesthetics, anti-infective agents, antineoplastic agents, cardiovascular drugs, central nervous system agents, dental agents, diagnostic agents, enzymes, gastrointestinal drugs, oxytocics, serums and vaccines, vitamins, and more!

  • Correctly spells thousands of OTC (Over the Counter) drugs and prescription pharmaceuticals, generic and trade name drugs, Latin and Greek terms used in prescription writing, and orphan drugs.

  • Includes the newest experimental and investigational drugs and chemotherapy drugs, as well as scores of new medications for treating AIDS such as Neupogen, Fluimucil, Leucomax, and Virazole.

  • Allows you to look up the correct spelling of pharmaceutical terms while inside your spell checker without exiting your program.

  • Includes the names of pharmaceutical manufacturers, drug distributors, and pharmaceutical company labelers.

  • Works inside your favorite Microsoft, WordPerfect, or Lotus spell checker, exactly like your spell checker so there is nothing new to learn. No manuals to read, no commands to learn, and no more embarrassing pharmaceutical spelling errors.

Product ID: 43117
Categories: Software - Mac, Software - Windows, Spell Checking
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: Mac, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, CD-Rom, Windows ME
Spellex Pharmaceutical 13.0


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