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Languages > Spanish > ESL Lessons > Speak English Like an American for Native Spanish Speakers
Speak English Like an American for Native Spanish Speakers

Speak English Like an American for Native Spanish Speakers
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This book and CD set is designed for native Spanish speakers who want to achieve greater fluency in English. It contains over 300 of today's most commonly used idioms and phrases. Phrases are presented in 25 lively dialogues, which tell the story of an American family. The set is appropriate for intermediate to advanced students of English of all ages.

Product ID: 104401     ISBN-13: 9780972530019     ISBN-10: 0972530010
Category: ESL Lessons
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter, Audio CD
Specifications: Supplemental material: Audio CD of all the dialogues 18 original cartoon illustrations
Testimonials: "Finally there's a course in conversational English that's devoted to American English idioms. It's no secret that American English uses all types of idioms, and mastery of these expressions is a weak link in mastery of English. This new book addresses this shortcoming. It's very well designed, practical, and will serve as a great support for those who want to master contemporary conversational English. "Speak English Like an American" will significantly improve a student's understanding of contemporary English, will broaden the student's vocabulary, and will enable the student to better assimilate in today's America." - Dr. Vladimir Mylnikov, Defense Language Institute, Monterey, California "I like the way this book is put together. The topics of the lessons are realistic: they use the most common expressions from contemporary life. For each idiom there's a definition with examples, and the exercises and drawings help one better understand and remember the meaning of the idioms, so one can use them correctly when speaking. I know this book will be an interesting and useful resource for those who want to perfect their knowledge of American English." -Gita Vulakh, NYANA (New York Association for New Americans) About the author: Amy Gillett has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in Prague, Czech Republic and in Stamford, Connecticut. Her articles and humorous essays have appeared in many American publications, including MAD Magazine, Family Circle, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Ms. Gillett holds a Bachelor's degree in Slavic Languages and Literature and a Master's in Russian and East European Studies, both from Stanford University.