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Spanish for Educators (Audio CD)

Spanish for Educators (Audio CD)
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Improve Communication with Spanish–Speaking Students and Parents.

Essential Short & Simple Phrases to Communicate with Spanish-Speaking Students and Parents.

Educators will quickly and easily learn Spanish words and phrases that will immediately allow them to improve communication with Spanish-speaking students and their parents. Educators will acquire the language skills necessary to feel more confident in the classroom and when meeting with parents.

Spanish for Educators is custom designed for teachers, counselors, administrators and other school officials who interact with Hispanic students.

Learn the words and phrases that relate directly to the classroom, the school and parent meetings. No tedious grammar lessons and no prior knowledge of Spanish required.

5 million Hispanics were enrolled in the country's public elementary and high schools in 1993-94. And by the 2007-08 school year, it projects that Latino public school enrollment will be about 9 million. USA Today

Hispanics comprise 15 percent of the elementary school-age population (ages five-13). By the year 2025, Hispanics in this age group will make up nearly 25 percent of the total school-age population. [Bureau of the Census, CPS Report, No. P25-1130, 1996]


  • Instructions
  • Classroom Management
  • General Commands
  • Parent Conferences
  • First Aid
  • Asking Questions
  • Playground/Gym
  • Praising Students


  • Greetings & Courtesies
  • Basic Information
  • Language Difficulties
  • Days, Months & Time
  • Colors & Numbers
  • Expressing Opinions
  • Emergencies
  • And Much More! FEATURES:

  • (1) One hour Spanish for Educators CD
  • (1) One hour Conversational Spanish CD

  • 800+ Words and Phrases
  • Quick Reference/Listening Guide

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