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Languages > Spanish > Learn > Spanish Now! for Medical Professional (CD-ROM)
Spanish Now! for Medical Professional (CD-ROM)

Spanish Now! for Medical Professional (CD-ROM)
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Get the language skills you need to communicate with your Hispanic patients intuitively -- even in emergency situations.

Developed with the help of medical professionals from a wide range of disciplines, SpanishNow! for Medical Professionals is the fastest, easiest language learning system ever developed for your professional needs. Our package includes articles, video presentations, practice material and even games -- all based on practical cultural and medical information that you'll find useful.

The Successful Immersion method of learning employs the same type of motivations you used to learn your native language to help you to "automatically" absorb your new one.

SpanishNow! for Medical Professionals contains the following titles:

Introduction for Medical Emergency Situations: Become familiar with many common Emergency Room complaints as you learn your new language, including: chest pain, abdominal pain, asthma, trauma, sexually transmitted disease, alcohol intoxication, seizures, dizziness/weakness, and fever.

Curanderos: Curanderos are faith healers who use their own methods in conjunction with herbal medicines to treat patients. This video shows both how they work and how they may influence the mindset of your Hispanic patients.

Providing Culturally Sensitive Health Care to Hispanic Clients: This introduction to the most commonly used words in the Spanish language supplies the words, sentences and paragraphs that you'll need to become familiar with each word in various contexts. With this section, you'll find yourself speaking and thinking in Spanish automatically.

Most common words in Spanish: If you are a beginning student of Spanish, this is the place to start. This section introduces you to the most common Spanish words by giving you the words in different sample sentences and paragraphs over and over so that you can absorb them automatically.

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