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Spanish Frontpage 2003

Spanish Frontpage 2003
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Localized version of FrontPage 2003 with menus and manual in Spanish.

Web sites are becoming more and more sophisticated, and they require a sophisticated application that can keep pace with your Web development skills and abilities. Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 is the Web site creation and management application with the tools, power, and features to help you produce professional sites that are dynamic and interactive. FrontPage 2003 provides Web designers and developers with a set of tools to enable the creation of dynamic Web sites quickly and easily. FrontPage 2003 centralizes all of the design, coding, and publishing functions to provide a total Web creation and management solution with the flexibility to match your design and coding skills, as well as push them to new levels. FrontPage 2003 takes advantage of the latest technologies such as XML and Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies to create powerful data-driven Web sites. FrontPage also provides easy-to-use layout and design tools to help you design great-looking sites. FrontPage 2003 helps Web designers create great-looking Web sites, giving you the freedom to create the Web sites you want, offering a host of layout and graphics features. And FrontPage layout and design tools help you realize your Web design vision, without requiring any knowledge of HTML. Along with better design tools, FrontPage 2003 has powerful coding tools to help you apply and increase your knowledge of various coding languages, as well as help you easily create interactive scripts. In addition, the design tools in FrontPage 2003 generate efficient and clean HTML and give you more control over the code. In addition to great design and coding tools, FrontPage 2003 extends the power of your Web site to connect with people and information in new ways.

Product ID: 104788
Category: Internet
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: Localized Windows