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Languages > English > Spanish False Friends and Other Traps (PB)
Spanish False Friends and Other Traps (PB)

Spanish False Friends and Other Traps (PB)
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What is a false friend? Though the English word actual is spelled in exactly the same way as actual in Spanish, the two words mean very different things. These false friends share the same etymology, but their historical development diverged; today they are not synonymous. Numerous examples of such cognates that frequently perplex translators and deceive casual readers are provided in this Glossary. Definitions and examples of usage are given throughout. As illustrations of words that could mislead a translator, the author presents paired homonyms and words with a similar etymology. Also included are expressions that might confuse a translator or persons not fully familiar with the language. Since the book includes very recent contemporary false friends, it is the most up to date volume of the kind in its field.

Product ID: 110371     ISBN-10: 0781811783
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