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Languages > Korean > Snail Lady / Magic Vase (Hardcover) (Bilingual) Vol. 6
Snail Lady / Magic Vase (Hardcover) (Bilingual) Vol. 6

Snail Lady / Magic Vase (Hardcover) (Bilingual) Vol. 6
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A king steals the beautiful Snail Lady away from her husband, the farmer. He must then defeat the king in a series of contests in order to obtain the return of his wife. A fisherman finds a magical vase floating on the sea. It brings him good fortune, but it gives nothing but bad luck to his greedy wife.

Product ID: 102825     ISBN-13: 9780930878894     ISBN-10: 0930878892
Categories: Children's Books, Folklore, Kids
Supporting languages: English, Korean
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
  • 46 pp.
  • Hardcover 20 x 22.8 cm
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