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Sindhi Cooking

Sindhi Cooking
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A recipe book full of sumptuous dishes and homespun wisdom this book proves that the repertoire of Sindhi food goes way beyond ghee masala and Sindhi curry. For Sindhis who are novice cooks, the book is a goldmine of traditional recipes.

The rich culture of the Sindhi province is presented here in all its traditional variety and irresistible appeal. Extremely popular with every community, these simple yet sumptuous recipes are written in a lucid style with easy-to-follow instruction and guidelines, using readily available ingredients.

The dishes have been divided into five sections for easy reference—Nashto (breakfast), Rasoi (lunch and dinner), Snacks, Mithai (desserts), Achars and Sherbets (including pickles and cold drinks). Also included is a special non-vegetarian section with over a dozen selected recipes sure to delight the gourmet and amateur food enthusiast alike

Food so easy to cook – so difficult to forget.

Product ID: 46335     ISBN-10: 8186982299
Category: Cooking/Eating
Supporting language: English
Applicable country: India
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