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Languages > Spanish > Movies/Videos > Sin Destino (Spanish DVD)
Sin Destino (Spanish DVD)

Sin Destino (Spanish DVD)
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In this stormy vision of Mexico City inspired by Bunuel's Los Olvidados, a fifteen year-old street urchin hustles to afford his drug habit. Confused by his sexual preference, his obsession with a beautiful blonde woman (Mariana Gaja), and the lurking presence of a shadowy figure from his past (Roberto Cobo of the aforementioned Bunuel film), Frank (Francisco Rey) remains uncertain of where to turn to escape the violent world of the streets. Director Leopoldo Laborde mixes color and black and white elements to achieve a haunting, expressionistic style. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Product ID: 106387
Category: Movies/Videos
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: DVD
2002, 94 mins.