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Languages > Sign Language (US) > Learn > Sign Language - Say it with Sign - Volume 4 (2 Hours)
Sign Language - Say it with Sign - Volume 4 (2 Hours)

Sign Language - Say it with Sign - Volume 4 (2 Hours)
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Time - Part I
The signs for "day," "week," "month" and "tomorrow" are demonstrated and discussed. And, getting into a sports mood, the Solows teach the signs for "football;" fingerspelling includes the letters "H," "O," "M" and "E." Sharon dramatically sign-sings "Tomorrow," from the popular hit musical 'Annie.'

Time - Part II
Signs relating to the seasons are demonstrated and discussed. How pets obey sigh language: the Solows demonstrate how signs can come in handy for communicating across a crowded room or through a window. Sharon sign-sings "My Favorite Things." Fingerspelling lesson: "N," "O," "P" and "E."

Time - Part III
More signs for times and seasons are demonstrated and discussed. The Solows explain the difficulty of speaking simultaneously and Sharon sign-sings "Lovely." Fingerspelling lesson: "Q," "U," "I," "T" and "E."

Big families become the topic of conversation as the Solows compare relatives. Numbers from "1" through "15" are demonstrated. Fingerspelling lesson: "R," "O," "S," "T" and "E." Sharon and Larry join for a rousing sign-singing rendition of "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

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Supporting language: Sign Language (US)
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