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Languages > Sign Language (US) > Sign Language - Say it with Sign - Volume 3 (2 Hours)
Sign Language - Say it with Sign - Volume 3 (2 Hours)

Sign Language - Say it with Sign - Volume 3 (2 Hours)
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Weather - Part II
How to describe weather changes in sign is explained, from the "sun," to "lightning," "floods" and "rainbows." The Solows also bring the viewer into a conversation about weather. Sharon sign-sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow;" new fingerspelling of the letters "G" and "I" are introduced.

Family - Part I
The Solows discuss their families: she, the hearing daughter of deaf parents; he, the son of a psychiatrist. Sharon sign-sings "Top of the World" and family signs such as "mother," "father," "husband" and "wife" are demonstrated. New fingerspelled letters include "H" and "L."

Wonderful Baby
Megan Solow, the daughter of hosts Larry and Sharon Solow joins her parents for a demonstration of how easily children can learn sign language. Larry sign-sings "Wonderful Baby" and signs demonstrated include "man," "woman," "birth" and "love."

Review of Lessons 6 - 9
The problem of keeping secrets in sign language is explained. A review of the previous four lessons covers many conversational signs and the fingerspelled alphabet from the letters "A" to "O."

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Supporting language: Sign Language (US)
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