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Languages > Sign Language (US) > Sign Language - Say it With Sign - Volume 2 (2 Hours)
Sign Language - Say it With Sign - Volume 2 (2 Hours)

Sign Language - Say it With Sign - Volume 2 (2 Hours)
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More Signs You Already Know
The visual beauty of sign language is discussed. A vocabulary of words relating to parenthood is covered. The alphabet from "A" to "D" is taught, along with such family-oriented signs as "love," "money" and "sleep."

Basic Conversation
The Solows explain how children adapt to using sign language. Larry sign-sings "Follow Me," The signs for "yesterday," "tomorrow," "morning" and "wonderful" are introduced, along with fingerspelling of the letter "E."

Weather - Part I
You learn the necessity for facial expression to accompany sign language, as a part of total communication. Larry Solow sign-sings "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" and covers signs about the weather. A dialogue between Sharon and Larry without voice demonstrates that "talking about the weather" in sign language can actually get someone to do something about it.

Review of First 4 Lessons
Reviewing the first four lessons, the Solows re-cap over 50 signs that were taught and the alphabet through the letter "E." They also relate some of their experiences with foreign travel and sign-sing "Say It With Sign."

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Supporting language: Sign Language (US)
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