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Languages > German > Movies/Videos > Drama > Shadow of Angels (Schatten der Engel)

Shadow of Angels (Schatten der Engel)
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Rainer Werner Fassbinder collaborated with director Daniel Schmid on this film adaptation of Fassbinder's controversial play The Garbage, the City and Death. Much controversy surrounded one character in particular: a Jewish businessman (Klaus Lowitsch), who is always referred to as "the rich Jew." Ultimately, the story is more concerned with the outsider status of this businessman and the prostitute (Ingrid Caven) whom he hires to listen to him (and, on occasion, to perform in a mock wedding ceremony). Both find themselves out of place in a milieu dominated by prostitutes, pimps, corrupt policemen and perverse businessmen. Fassbinder appears as the prostitute's sadistic, gay pimp. German with English subtitles.

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Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Drama
Supporting language: German
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