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Secret From The Dragon's World
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When boys and girls delve into the contents of this kit they enter a Dragon's World, where fire-breathing creatures lurk in every corner. A fascinating, color-illustrated book is enclosed, and points out the meanings of the kit's other dragon-related items. Kids open the book, titled The Dragon Master's Tale, where they meet a young knight named George, and join in on his perilous quest. George and his small dragon friend are searching for their missing parents, but their journey brings them into battle against dragons called Wicked Wyverns, fearsome Frost Dragons, and the dreaded Knucker. This magical box contains everything kids need to join young George and his little dragon friend on their dragon-fighting quest. Items include a dragon master's sword, a dragon's tooth, a dragon's claw, a dragon's egg, a dragon master's ring, and a hoard of brightly colored jewels. Here's a fascinating combination of legendry and fun to spark kids' imaginations.

Product ID: 501404
Category: Juvenile
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
48 pages