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Languages > Spanish > Dictionary > Science > Technical > Routledge Spanish Technical Dictionary Spanish-English

Routledge Spanish Technical Dictionary Spanish-English
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This volume consists of some 115,000 headwords in both Spanish and English, including 3,000 abbreviations. Terms are drawn from the whole range of modern applied science and technical terminology. These volumes can be purchased either separately or together in print and diskette and as a set on CD-ROM. Special attention is given to differences between UK and US terminology, and to Spanish and Latin-American variants. Over 70 subject areas are covered, including in-depth treatment of the more established subject areas such as: transport; physics; mechanical engineering; automotive engineering; electricity; mining; chemistry; construction; electrical engineering; geology; railways; production engineering; and geophysics. It also includes coverage of rapidly developing areas such as: fuelless energy sources; military technology; quality assurance; television; particle physics; space technology; pollution; optics; telecommunications; safety engineering; electronics; nuclear technology; chemical technology; packaging; and computing and data processing.

Product ID: 102546     ISBN-13: 9780415112727     ISBN-10: 0415112729
Categories: Dictionary, Dictionary > Science > Technical
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Table of Contents: Volume 1 Spanish-English Dictionary 1 Conversion Tables 835 Chemical Elements 845 Volume 2 English-Spanish Dictionary 1 Conversion Tables 837 Chemical Elements 847 This two volume dictionary of science and technical terms is the third bilingual offering by Routledge, following the French Technical Dictionary (1994) and the German Technical Dictionary (1995). Subject areas covered range from the physical sciences, such as chemistry, geology, and physics, to engineering, agriculture, textiles, and instrumentation. The terms given represent basic, underlying principles in these subject areas as well as terms that reflect new and emerging areas of study, such as safety assurance, fuelless energy sources, and quality assurance. Additionally, it addresses terms proportionally; established disciplines will have many terms (e.g. nearly 7,000 for mechanical engineering) whereas newer fields (e.g. fuelless energy sources) will have noticeably fewer terms. This dictionary does not attempt to cover terms in the life sciences and the coverage of life science aspects of subject areas, such as agriculture, is only marginal. It is obvious that much time and effort went into the construction of each term entry, insuring correct translation and making this dictionary very useable even for those with little or no knowledge of the Spanish language. Entries provide gender of nouns, parts of speech, cross references, and abbreviations along with the appropriate full form of the terms. Each term also includes the subject area or areas that it describes, and clearly notes when translations of a term vary according to different subject areas. Additionally, contextual information is given for some entries to help illustrate such things as paraphrases, typical subject or objects of verbs, or typical nouns used with an adjective. The Routledge Spanish Technical Dictionary is a very useable bilingual dictionary and would be highly recommended for libraries collecting in the physical sciences and engineering.