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Languages > English > Travel > Rough Guide to The Maya World
Rough Guide to The Maya World

Rough Guide to The Maya World
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Maya World covers all the sites, from the extraordinary pyramid temples of Chichén Itzá and Tikal to remote, unexcavated ruins in Tabasco and northern Belize. This Rough Guide covers all the aspects of Mayan civilization, including religion, society, and scientific and architectural achievements of the Maya. With the best places to stay, eat and drink throughout the region and sites and routes through southern Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador.

Product ID: 48470
Category: Travel
Supporting language: English
Applicable countries: Belize (British Honduras), El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: 468 pages- 57 maps - Published February, 1999