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Languages > English > Citizenship & Occupation > Road To Citizenship - Single-User Version
Road To Citizenship - Single-User Version

Road To Citizenship - Single-User Version
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Road to Citizenship was designed to help qualified people become U.S. citizens. It provides useful information and a variety of different exercises including extensive practice speaking English clearly using the proven listen-imitate-compare method. And, all the text is spoken so you can hear as well as read it.

Road to Citizenship is divided into nine major Parts. Part 4 consists of ten lessons specifically covering the information you need to know to successfully complete the history and government test.

Road to Citizenship contains both written and spoken English so you can study by both reading and listening. You can also keep a record of the work you have done in each section of the program.

Product ID: 108903
Category: Citizenship & Occupation
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: Windows
Table of Contents

  • Section 1: Am I Qualified Find Out If You Are Qualified For Citizenship
  • Section 2: Planning Ahead Make a Plan to Become a Citizen
  • Section 3: Applying for Citizenship Fill Out Your Application Form
  • Section 4: Citizenship Lessons Study U.S. History and Government for the Citizenship Test
  • Section 5: Practicing English Practice Your English (if needed)
  • Section 6: Taking the Test Take a Sample Citizenship Test
  • Section 7: The Interview Get Ready For Your Citizenship Interview
  • Section 8: The Naturalization Ceremony Get Ready for the Naturalization Ceremony
  • Section 9: Congratulations Learn What You Can Do After You Become a Citizen