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A three-part series covering the story of the Jewish people's dramatic return to their ancestral homeland, culminating in the first Jewish state in 2,000 years. Spans the period from the late 19th century. Includes interviews with founders of the Jewish state, as well as their descendants, including Amos Ben Gurion, son of David Ben Gurion; Ze'ev Jabotinsky, grandson of the spiritual father of Israel's Likud party; the Chelouche family, who helped found Tel Aviv; Shimon Peres; Yitzhak Shamir; and Natan Sharansky. Each tape is 52 minutes. In Part I: The Birth of a Movement, Jews make their way to Palestine as a response to anti-Semitism and persecution in Europe. The Dreyfus Affair in France greatly influences Theodore Herzl, who successfully creates Zionism as a political movement. Covers the late 19th century to 1904. Part II: The Building of a Nation, covers the founding of Tel Aviv, the Third Aliya, life under the British Mandate and Aliya Bet, and the national liberation movements all dramatically unfold. Details the period through the establishment of the State in 1948. Part III: The Israeli Experience, covers the establishment of the State of Israel. Emphasis is placed on the mass immigration of millions of Jews from the world over, from survivors of the Holocaust to a very recent Iraqi immigrant.

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