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ReadingPen Basic Edition K-12

ReadingPen Basic Edition K-12
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Works with any printed text

The Readingpen's small size hides a unique technology that scans, defines, translates, and pronounces words from any printed material! This powerful tool fits in a pocket and has an intuitive, friendly interface.

Motivates and supports independent readers

With the privacy and visual/auditory support provided by the Readingpen, frustration and embarrassment disappear. Both struggling and fluent readers rapidly improve their skills in:

  • Fluency -- Vocabulary -- Comprehension
  • Spelling -- Pronunciation -- Academic vocabulary
  • Grammatical structure
  • Understanding assessment instructions

    Provides in-depth instructional Support

  • Scans words or full lines of text instantly
  • Pronounces and displays words on built-in LCD screen
  • Displays and reads defintions and synonyms
  • Shows syllabication
  • Spells words, highlighting letters
  • Includes K-12 Grade level dictionaries and English-Spanish translation
  • Built-in tutorial
  • Recognizes over 250,000 words
  • Includes built-in speaker and headphones

    Product ID: 109195
    Categories: Dictionary, Handheld Dictionary
    Supporting languages: English, Spanish
    Platforms/media types: Handheld