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ReadIris Pro 7

ReadIris Pro 7
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Readiris Pro 7 is an easy-to-use and accurate OCR (text recognition) software that converts your every-day printed documents such as letters, faxes, magazine articles, columns in a newspaper, etc. into editable text files with a very high rate of recognition accuracy.

Effortlessly you will achieve text recognition perfection. Readiris Pro 7.0 gives you a wealth of powerful, yet easy-to-use, tools to convert documents into electronic files, including PDF files. The new & improved features and extended capabilities of this latest version of Readiris Pro guarantee you the best possible results every time!

Product ID: 46449
Categories: OCR, Software - Windows
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: Windows 95/98, Windows XP, CD-Rom, Windows 2000, Windows ME