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Languages > Korean > Read and Speak Korean for Beginners (Book w/Audio CD)
Read and Speak Korean for Beginners (Book w/Audio CD)

Read and Speak Korean for Beginners (Book w/Audio CD)
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Korean Basics Made Easy--and Fun!

Studying Korean is intimidating. Not only do you face the usual challenges of learning a new language--vocabulary, grammar, verb tenses--but you also have to learn a non-Roman alphabet. To help you master the language, Read & Speak Korean for Beginners entertains you while you learn, lessening the anxiety of a new script and increasing your confidence in your language skills.

This program teaches you basic vocabulary and explains sentence structures for eight key areas of everyday life--introducing yourself, saying where you're from, asking what things are, asking where things are located, describing objects and people, asking how to get around, talking about your family, and describing what you do. The accompanying CD features all the key words and phrases so you can hear how they are pronounced and repeat them after the speaker.

Inside you will find:

  • Clear explanations of how to use basic phrases in everyday conversations
  • Entertaining activities, games, and puzzles with which to check your progress
  • Illustrated flash cards to help you memorize key phrases
  • Listening exercises and audio games on the CD to further reinforce your comprehension

    Table of contents


  • 1.What is your name?
  • 2.Where are you from?
  • 3.What is this?
  • 4.Where is it?
  • 5.What's it like?
  • 6.How do I get there?
  • 7.Who's this?
  • 8.What do you do?
  • Test Yourself
  • Reference
  • Answers
  • Flashcards (8 sheets of tear-out topic flashcards)
  • CD (inside back cover)

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