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Random House - Le Mot Juste
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Tired of making faux pas because you don't know the difference between sub rosa and sub voce? Then this lexicon is a bona fide desideratum.

Simply and concisely, it clarifies hundreds of words and phrases from Greek, Latin, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Yiddish that have become part of the English language but are often confused or misused. Along with its definition, every term is accompanied by a phonetic guide to its pronunciation. Plus, there's an appendix of words derived from classical mythology -- such as delphic, erotic, laconic, odyssey, and thespian -- and two comprehensive lists of Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes. The result is a sui generis (Latin, SU-ee GEN-er-is, unique, in a class itself) Meisterstuck (German, MY-ster-shtook, masterpiece) of lexicography that's guaranteed to give cognoscenti or naifs a greater understanding of the English language and its foreign borrowings

Product ID: 100280     ISBN-10: 0679734554
Category: Dictionary
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter