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Raju Chacha
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Sidanth Rai is a succesful architect who lives with his three kids Rohit, Rahul, Rani in a palatial house with their pet dog Casper and family butler Banke Bihari and of course villanous uncles Vikram, Prabhakar and brother in law. Sidhanth arranges for a governess to look after them as their mother is no longer alive. But the kids are so naughty that they drive away every one of them. Sidhant needs to go away for a project but before he goes he arranges for a governess.

On the other hand Sekar a small time crook robs a bank and is evading police when he sees Anna who is on her way to Sidhants house for the governess job falls in love with her. Anna is in a state of shock when Sekhar's friend Jaddu covers for him saying that his ex love was just like her. Anna meets Siddanth and is introduced by him to his children, Kids scare Anna and she with his help plays a trick on them. Sekar on his front keeps confessing his love to Anna and proposes to her. Kids play a crude prank and telegram Anna that her parents death. Anna is hurt by the prank as she was an orphan kids realise their mistake and apaologise. Anna too confesses her love to Sekar. And the kids decide to get her married to Sekar. How ever Sekar is arrested on the day of the marriage and Anna heart broken leaves the house. Sidanth and the kids try to get her back but they meet with an accident and Siddanth is killed. Now the uncles claim for their share in the property when a strange character claiming to be Siddhant's brother comes in. He is actually Rajit Rai who left the house when he was 11. He is none other than Sekar.

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Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Drama
Supporting language: Hindi
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