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Quacky and Hoppy

Quacky and Hoppy
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Was it the Baby who takes this delightful playbook into the bath—or was it one of Quacky’s friends? In fact, Quacky has lots of playful friends, and Baby can detach these funny fellows from every page of this waterproof book. Packaged in a clear plastic display bag, the big, bright vinyl book opens to tell a funny little story about a dragonfly, a fish, a duck, and a frog. Baby can remove these characters from the book’s pages and let them bob and float in the bath water to keep him company. The bath book now becomes a wonderful package of bath-time toys! Two of Quacky’s floatable friends are a dragonfly attached to its page with a suction cup and a duck attached on a sturdy snap. In addition, Baby will find a fish and a frog nestled in pockets that decorate their pages. Both fish and frog have squirt nozzles that kids will delight in filling with bath water. Baby can squeeze these toy animals and spray water at the other friendly animals—or maybe at Mom or Dad! Both the animals and the book are made of soft, sturdy waterproof vinyl, and they all float in bath water. (Age 10 months–3) (0764193775)

Product ID: 501359
Categories: Juvenile, Kids
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Vinyl book w/toy animals / 8 Pages / 9 3/4 x 9 3/4 / 2007
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