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Languages > Korean > Computer Training > Proficient! Windows 7 is easy to learn the basics, your advantage! in Korean
Proficient! Windows 7 is easy to learn the basics, your advantage! in Korean

Proficient! Windows 7 is easy to learn the basics, your advantage! in Korean
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Book is entirely in Korean.
Teaches Windows 7's new features and different features through the screen and intuitive explanation and is configured in a easy to read book. In addition, existing operating systems on separate user interface is very different from some windows xp free to do so you can see from the panic how it was configured.

Product ID: 503121
Category: Computer Training
Supporting language: Korean
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: 2010-07-01 | ISBN 8931439768 ???? | 462? | 257*188mm (B5) Banyangjangbon | 462 pages | 257 * 188mm (B5)
Windows 7, Part 01, the base from the step by step Lesson 01 New Features of Windows 7 Lesson 02 begins in earnest for Windows 7 Lesson 03 and exit the application to run Lesson 04 Exploring the Taskbar Lesson 05 to exit Windows 7 Lesson 06 to window management Convenient features evolved gradually from Lesson 07 Lesson 08 to the power management settings Part 02 as a desktop decorating my face Lesson 01 Using Desktop Themes Lesson 02 gadgets to use Lesson 03 Setting up your desktop Lesson 04 [start] menu, use Lesson 05 Setting Up Taskbar Lesson 06 Setting up the notification area Lesson 07 Setting Up the Jump List Part 03 file and folder management and the pride of my computer Lesson 01 Windows Explorer to manage efficiently Lesson 02 files, folders and drives to choose Lesson 03 File Copy / Move Lesson 04 Getting the files and folders Lesson 05 to delete files and folders Lesson 06 Use a file or folder attributes to Lesson 07 Sorting files and folders Use Windows Explorer to Lesson 08 Part 04 in the library and search operations quickly Lesson 01 Managing the Library folder Lesson 02 [start] menu to search Lesson 03 Use Windows Explorer to search for Lesson 04 search results for later use virtual folders Part 05 Computer Management, Disk Management, the essential items Lesson 01 Disc Format Lesson 02 disk utilization techniques Lesson 03 CD / DVD to take advantage Lesson 04 Managing Hard Disk Part 06 Internet Web fun to play Lesson 01 Internet Explorer screen and toolbar Lesson 02 Home page and Favorites Register Lesson 03 Internet Explorer 8 features a new Learn tab Lesson 04 Practical techniques for viewing Web pages Lesson 05 Web Slice functionality using real-time information to See the latest information Lesson 06 Lesson 07 directly connected to the enhanced search feature to work Search within the site for Lesson 08 Lesson 09 Internet Explorer feature fun and informative Lesson 10 Internet Security Lesson 11 InPrivate filter protect your personal information Part 07 mail, instant messaging, blogs, fun Lesson 01 Windows Live Essentials to download and install Lesson 02 Using Windows Live Mail Lesson 03 to learn the advanced features of Windows Live Mail View Lesson 04 Setting Up Windows Live Mail, the auxiliary function Lesson 05 Managing Windows Live Mail Lesson 06 Windows Live Messenger to use Lesson 07 to create and manage blogs Part 08 enjoy dynamic multimedia (Windows Media Player) Lesson 01 music play (Windows Media Player) (Windows Media Center) Lesson 02 Playing Multimedia (Windows Media Center) Create a Video Lesson 03 WindowsDVDMaker Lesson 04 Windows Live Photo Gallery, to use Part 09 networks to share data from anywhere jaropge Lesson 01 Basic knowledge of network Lesson 02 Home Group to share Lesson 03 folder and printer sharing Lesson 04 Setting up Windows Firewall Part 10 precious keep my computer perfectly Lesson 01 to determine the security state to install the desired vaccine Lesson 02 Split essential to use security space Lesson 03 Windows Defender to scan for spyware to Lesson 04 USB Memory Security (Ultimate version available) Part 11 in my hand to resolve hardware and system management Lesson 01 connecting various peripheral devices Lesson 02 of the driver to manage peripherals Windows Easy Transfer to Lesson 03 Lesson 04 Windows to keep up to date Lesson 05 Data backup Lesson 06 System Restore Lesson 07 Learn System Management Center Lesson 08 Learn the tools for system management Lesson 09 Using Remote Desktop Connection Part 12 enjoy a bunch of people to use computers Lesson 01 to create and manage user accounts Lesson 02 Managing User Accounts Lesson 03 local and advanced settings of the user account (Home Premium or later version is available)