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Languages > Spanish > Learn > Power-Glide Ultimate Adventure Course for Spanish
Power-Glide Ultimate Adventure Course for Spanish

Power-Glide Ultimate Adventure Course for Spanish
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Open the door to new skills and opportunities that only learning a new language can provide. With the most innovative and effective language teaching activities available, these courses start you on a path toward language fluency. Our new Year 1 and Year 2 courses have been updated and upgraded with a variety of new features: * NEW learning objectives for each module * NEW scope and sequence for better scheduling and standards comparison * NEW 180-day school year format * NEW assessment tools for all types of learners complete with test keys * NEW additional activities and performance challenges to help learners apply their learning for better retention and integration * NEW additional graphics, photos and cues for visual learners * NEW page tabulation for easy reference and progress tracking * NEW audio CD's give learners valuable pronunciation coaching while keeping them motivated * FREE online progress tests for learners to take as often as they'd like

Product ID: 110185
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: Windows
Two full years of Spanish language learning Spanish Ultimate Year 1 is easy enough for beginners, but robust enough to take you through the equivalent of at least 1 year of high school study. Spanish Ultimate Year 2 picks up right where the Year 1 course ends and provides the equivalent of at least 1 more year of high school study. And since Power-Glide is fully accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities you're assured of quality and ease of obtaining credit. Speak the language, not just pass the test The focus of Power-Glide Spanish Ultimate Year 1 and Year 2 is to help you speak freely and expressively in Spanish. You won't find mazes of grammar rules, boring rote memorization, and mind-numbing drills. Instead, the courses give you real language learning--the kind where you actually internalize the language, and begin to use it as your own. Robert W. Blair, Ph.D., is the creator of Power-Glide language courses. His methods are informed by current language acquisition theory and rooted in the work of world-renowned language teaching innovators. These methods provide a rich experience in communication and make the course fun and engaging.