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Languages > English > Juvenile > Pop-Up And Play Spooky Shadows

Pop-Up And Play Spooky Shadows
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Here's a terrific set of spooky pop-up pictures to capture the Halloween spirit. Five sets of black cut-out silhouettes pop up from two-page spreads to show against colored backgrounds that suggest autumn skies at sunset and at night. Enclosed with the book is a small flashlight that kids can turn on in a darkened room. When they flash the beam against the silhouettes, they create magecally eerie shadow effects. The shadows of a graveyard, flying bats at the window, a fierce shark at a shipwreck scene, and a spooky castle scene will all seem to move and flicker when the flashlight beam is cast on them.

Product ID: 501389
Category: Juvenile
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
10 pages