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Plot Against Harry,The
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A sleeper of Rip van Winkle dimensions, Michael Roemer's subtly innovative ethnic comedy went over the heads of preview audiences in 1969, sat on a shelf for 20 years, then resurfaced in 1989 to triumphant festival screenings and rave reviews. The central character is Harry Plotnik, a sad-sack Jewish gangster who finds his numbers racket slipping away. Under pressure from well-meaning relatives, Harry makes an erratic effort to go straight, triggering a series of humiliations and small disasters. Rather than partitioning the film's humor into a series of self-enclosed gags, Roemer instead creates a constant and pervasive comic atmosphere, based on sharply observed details, slow build-ups, throw-aways, deadpan reactions, egg-on-face ironies, and a precise sense of anticlimax.

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