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Languages > German > Learn > Advanced > Pimsleur German Plus (Audio CD)
Pimsleur German Plus (Audio CD)

Pimsleur German Plus (Audio CD)
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German Plus, the next level in the Pimsleur Language Program. These 10-lessons provide an additional, sophisticated level of language that build upon the language skills acquired in Levels I, II, & III. Upon completion of the Plus program, you will be able to:

  • move into a more interpersonal exchange of language at a higher level,
  • converse in a clearly participatory fashion,
  • use diverse language strategies.

    For everyone who has completed the German Level I, II, & III -- and can't wait to continue. German Plus includes real-life situations and complex conversations with expanded vocabulary. This program greatly increases your ability to discuss everyday topics in only 10 days.

    Note: In order for the Pimsleur Method to work correctly, you must first complete the Level I, II, & III language programs before proceeding to the "Plus" Level language program.

    Product ID: 104945     ISBN-10: 0743500229
    Categories: Learn, Learn > Advanced, Pimsleur
    Supporting language: German
    Platforms/media types: Audio CD
    Specifications: 5 Audio CD's
    The German language is spoken by over two million people as a native language, primarily in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It is one of the most popular languages of study for Americans, as it is useful not only for travel but is also required by many advanced academic programs, particularly in the sciences. Germany also, despite, its small size, commands a formidable place in the world's economy, and a great many American and British business people find it advantageous to learn German as a language for business. There are many regional dialects of German, and the pronunciation of colloquial German can differ sharply from place to place. Virtually all speakers of German, native and non-native, have been taught through education and the mass media the standardized "High German" (Hochdeutch), which is the official language of Germany. The native speakers on the Pimsleur tapes are giving a clearly=pronounced delivery of this German, and by modeling your pronunciation after theirs, you should be able to make yourself understood wherever you go in the German- speaking world. If you are interested in learning a little of the German dialect spoken in Zurich, Switzerland, try Pimsleur's compact Swiss-German.
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