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Languages > Spanish > Learn > Advanced > Pimsleur ESL Comprehensive Spanish III (30 lesson) Audio CD
Pimsleur ESL Comprehensive Spanish III (30 lesson) Audio CD

Pimsleur ESL Comprehensive Spanish III (30 lesson) Audio CD
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Pimsleur International, Inc., a leader in the field of Applied Linguistics, is dedicated exclusively to research, course development, materials production, and publication of self-teaching, programmed instructional foreign-language courses.

The objective of the "Pimsleur" tape courses is to provide three levels of portable, spoken foreign language communication skills training within the Intermediate ACTFL (The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) proficiency range.

The standard thirty lesson-unit Pimsleur cassette courses is designed to guide professionals in any field to accomplish these levels of proficiency at the rate of one half-hour lesson per day, wherever they may be. Each level contains material for cumulative training to specific levels. In today's global marketing, The Pimsleur Tapes alternative makes it possible for an American staff to have sufficient competency in a considerable number of diverse foreign languages in a very short period of time. Pimsleur Language Learning represents the state of the art in foreign language instruction. The Pimsleur Consumer Protection plan guarantees a specific spoken language proficiency in the target language, replacement guarantees, and upgrade guarantees. You will be able to:

  • Ask and answer questions dealing with everyday situations.
  • Give and get information and directions.
  • Participate in casual conversations.
  • Give basic information about yourself.
  • Avoid basic cultural errors, and have operational language skills.

    Why do Pimsleur customers rave about the amazing performance of Pimsleur programs?

    Based upon a recent customer survey of Pimsleur Program purchasers, Pimsleur language programs are among the leaders in the world's language markets. Based on testing results by the foremost language program in the successful teaching of spoken foreign-language communication skills to adults. Clearly any language program whose customers testify with such outstanding acknowledgments is well on the way to the Number One position in foreign-language training.

    Customer Satisfaction!

  • 85% reported satisfaction with Pimsleur.
  • 25% purchased 2 or more courses.
  • 50% were considering additional Pimsleur courses and were waiting only to complete the course at hand.
  • Nine out of ten respondents said the Pimsleur teaching techniques helped them communicate with native speakers.
  • 74% reported that Pimsleur is the only course they would purchase in the future.
  • 73% did the course while commuting to work.
  • 29% purchased for vacation; 71% for professional.
  • 59% were male; 41% were female.
  • 61% who purchased were between 35 to 54 years of age.
  • 92% were college graduates.
  • 49% earned more then $50,000 a year Pimsleur Consumer Protection Plan

    1. All 30-lesson-unit Pimsleur language proficiency guarantee(based upon the results the user has achieved after completing the program as specified). 2. A replacement guarantee (at no charge) on any defective cassette. 3. A replacement guarantee (at $15.00 per cassette) on any cassette that you lose or damage. 4. An upgrade guarantee. Because we research, develop, and publish these courses, we guarantee an upgrade exchange on any course that we re-publish in a new version within three years of publishing the initial version. We encourage feedback from our users; therefor we will take back your initial edition and supply the original purchaser with the complete new edition at an upgrade charge of $50.00 plus shipping. This applies on any Pimsleur I, Pimsleur II, or Pimsleur III 30-lesson-unit program. 5. An exchange guarantee. Purchasers of Pimsleur courses are guaranteed an exchange of an upopened, unused course for any other Pimsleur language course, in the event of a change in travel plans. The exchange will be on the basis of equivalent dollars.

    It is obvious there is only one thing that could motivate purchasers of a language program to reach such opinions - and that is the fact they achieved the ability to communicate with native speakers of the language. Anyone can learn a foreign language, and learn it well -- with the right teaching system. The Pimsleur Method, which utilizes your innate language-learning skills through listening and speaking instead of reading textbooks, is that system. The Pimsleur Language Program draws on years of research. Using the open-ended questioning technique, the program provides not only a practical vocabulary and effective conversational skills, but also the means to continually enhance your language abilities.

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