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Languages > Tagalog > Religious Studies > Buddhism > SGI > Piliin ang Buhay (Choose Life) -Ikeda, Toynbee- Filipino
Piliin ang Buhay (Choose Life) -Ikeda, Toynbee- Filipino

Piliin ang Buhay (Choose Life) -Ikeda, Toynbee- Filipino
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This is the record of a thought-provoking discussion between an eminent historian and an influential religious leader who represent different traditions but share the same commitment to finding answers to the great questions that confront the contemporary world. The volume covers a number of issues ranging from specific to global and transcending generations - perennial problems of human nature and our relationship to other creatures, the environment, and the universe.

Arnold J. Toynbee, raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and Daisaku Ikeda, a product of East Asian culture and a Buddhist, both recognize that human survival is threatened by our own capacity to destroy the natural environment and by the imbalance between our moral immaturity and technological prowess. The two men posit an underlying choice in the way humankind can respond to such universal challenges as burgeoning population, dwelling natural resources, and technological sophistication. They explore the dilemma facing the individual and society: self-mastery or self-destruction. Their search is less for abstract answers than for the concrete meaning to ordinary people of social and economic development.

Compiled from two years of discussion and correspondence between the authors, this volume has been widely acclaimed as a major contribution to the ongoing debate on the flaws of modern civilization.

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