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Languages > Persian (Farsi) > Persian to and from English Learner's Dictionary
Persian to and from English Learner's Dictionary

Persian to and from English Learner's Dictionary
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The increasing popularity of the study of Persian (also known as Farsi, Tajiki or Dari) in the English speaking world, has created a need for a bi-directional Persian-English dictionary geared towards English speakers who are learning Persian.

The features of the Persian-English / English-Persian Learner's Dictionary which make it unique are:

  • Bi-directional: This is the first and only Persian-English/English-Persian dictionary in one volume which features both Persian and transliteration.
  • Alphabet: The alphabet used in Persian is completely different from the English. This can be a major barrier in the early stages of learning the language. This dictionary provides a simple transliteration of the Persian word along with its equivalent in the Persian alphabet.
  • Alphabetical order: In this dictionary, the alphabetical order in the Persian-English section is based on the English spelling. This makes it easy for the user who is not familiar with the Persian alphabet to find a word.
  • Correct use of words: This dictionary gives synonyms in various contexts allowing the student to easily choose the correct meaning.
  • Entries: Approximately 18,000 entries covering both day-to-day and more specialized vocabulary.

    The Audience for this dictionary is:

  • English speaking students of Persian.
  • English speakers who are seeking to communicate with Persian speakers.
  • Children of Iranians, Afghans and Tajiks outside their homeland who wish to learn their mother language.
  • Persian speakers who wish to learn English.

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    Supporting language: Persian (Farsi)
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