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Passion of the Saints
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Travel through 2,000 years since the time of Christ and across three continents to experience the lives and deaths of some extraordinary individuals, on this three-tape set from The Learning Channel. Witness the rise of martyrdom from Stephen, the first martyr, to Joan of Arc and Thomas Becket in Volume 1, The Blood of the Martyrs (50 mins.). Meet Catherine of Sienna, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas on Volume II, Hermits, Monks and Madmen (50 mins.). On Volume III, Mystics and Miracles, follow the lives and deaths of those who have known the divine, travel to a French monastery where theologians and academics have been seeking answers to the questions of sainthood for 300 years, and go behind the scenes at the Vatican to peek inside the politics of sainthood on "The Road to Sainthood" (100 mins.).

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Category: Movies/Videos
Supporting language: French
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