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Languages > Spanish > Dictionary > Oxford Spanish Dictionary - 4th Edition
Oxford Spanish Dictionary - 4th Edition

Oxford Spanish Dictionary - 4th Edition
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Compiled by expert teams of Spanish and English lexicographers and boasting a beautiful two-color layout, the Oxford Spanish Dictionary provides the richest, most contemporary coverage of Spanish from around the world. The result of thorough research using sophisticated computer programs to search for new terminology and ensure that all the latest vocabulary from Latin American Spanish and American English is covered, this superb resource covers over 24 varieties of Spanish as it is written and spoken throughout the Spanish-speaking world--from Spain to Mexico, from Peru to the River Plate. Here now is a major new edition of this leading Spanish-English dictionary, with more than 4,000 new words added, plus many other new features. With over 300,000 words and phrases, and half a million translations, the Oxford Spanish Dictionary is the ultimate resource and the first place to turn for answers to all Spanish-English language questions. The dictionary includes extensive coverage of business, IT, and scientific terminology, and contains completely revised information on the cultures of Spanish and English-speaking countries. As in previous editions, there are thousands of sample sentences to illustrate meaning and usage, special emphasis on idioms and regional expressions, and extensive glosses for easy identification of senses, style, levels, and more. Finally, the volume offers more than 100 pages of helpful appendices. Oxford is also offering two more exciting special features:

It will now come with a free SpeakSpanish Pronunciation CD-ROM, which enables you to type in a word or phrase or even paste in text from the web, and hear it spoken back to you in perfect Spanish.

It now comes with 6 months of access to Oxford's newest online resource--Oxford Language Dictionaries Online Spanish Dictionary--almost a $50 added value for users. The innovative Oxford Language Dictionaries Online site offers essential language resources never before available online: fully searchable, completely comprehensive Spanish dictionary and unique study materials that provide extra help with learning and using Spanish.

A work of unprecedented scope that captures how both languages are spoken and written in all contexts--from literature to informal speech to technical writing--the Oxford Spanish Dictionary is the ideal reference for native speakers of either language. Handy, easy-to-use, attractively designed, and wide-ranging, this dictionary is an essential tool for all students and teachers, as well as translators and language professionals.


  • New and updated cultural notes to learn more about life in Spanish- and English-speaking countries
  • Offers more material ideal for students on their year abroad or anyone living in the Spanish or English speaking world e.g. sample utility bills, bank statements, rent agreements, sample correspondence, CVs and resumes
  • Increased coverage of acronyms and EU terminology
  • Tailored to the needs of the user in consultation with key academic advisers
  • A major new edition--over 4,000 new words of Spanish and English added

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