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Languages > Japanese > Dictionary > Oxford Japanese - English/Japanese Picture Dictionary
Oxford Japanese - English/Japanese Picture Dictionary

Oxford Japanese - English/Japanese Picture Dictionary
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Recommended for all beginning and intermediate students.

The Oxford Picture Dictionary is an extremely useful tool for all beginning students of English. Its colorful pictures and scenes can help anyone learn English. Perfect as an ESL reference for classroom or home study.

When students begin to learn a new language there is a crucial need to develop a basic core vocabulary. Without this basic vocabulary, even day-to-day survival is very difficult. The New Oxford Picture Dictionary is perhaps the best means to bring a student this core vocabulary. Thousands of everyday words and corresponding scenes and pictures are included in this book. If you are teaching in an ESL situation, this book will save you many hours of fumbling around trying to explain vocabulary to students who can't understand you.

The New Oxford Picture Dictionary is a comprehensive reference to everyday vocabulary. It contains 2,400 words divided into 82 subject topics, from basics like food and clothing, to more specifics like occupations and public transportation. It can be used alone as a self-study tool or with a certified ESL instructor.

Product ID: 8568     ISBN-13: 9780194740159
Category: Dictionary
Supporting language: Japanese
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
The New Oxford Picture Dictionary features:

  • 2,400 contextualized vocabulary words for high-beginning to intermediate level students
  • An average of 25-35 words per page that answer all of your students' day-to-day needs
  • Detailed, full-color illustrations
  • A wide range of interesting and motivating topics that introduce words in their most common contexts
  • Clear, legible type that's easy to read
  • Nouns, prepositional phrases, and verbs specific to important topic area
  • Optional set of four cassettes feature a reading of all of the vocabulary words presented in the dictionary

    Nine Bilingual Editions are now available! There are nine bilingual editions of the Dictionary: Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Cambodian, Russian, Polish, and Navajo. The second language appears in blue ink alongside the English word, with a complete second-language index included at the back of the book. A monolingual English version is also available.