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Languages > German > Oxford German Dictionary and Grammar
Oxford German Dictionary and Grammar

Oxford German Dictionary and Grammar
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This major new edition of a handy two-in-one reference to the German language offers a entirely new layout and design. Featuring over 100,000 words, phrases, and translations incorporating the German spelling reforms, as well as being completely revised and updated, it covers all the essential vocabulary of everyday life. In addition, frequently used words, which are the building blocks to learning the language, are given a special layout with usage notes throughout to help users employ them correctly. Special warning symbols new to this edition make slang and informal words and expressions instantly identifiable. In addition, there is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to German grammar offering clear explanations of modern German usage and grammar with examples taken from everyday speech, newspapers, and magazines; sections on word order, punctuation, and prepositions; extra help on translation problems and pronunciation traps; and an extensive glossary and full index. Rounding out the dictionary is a table of irregular German verbs, and a quick-reference number chart, making this a complete package for both the student or general user.

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Supporting language: German
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Paperback, 834 pages
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