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Languages > Latin > Learn > Flash Cards > Ovid Vocabulary Cards for AP* Selections
Ovid Vocabulary Cards for AP* Selections

Ovid Vocabulary Cards for AP* Selections
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These vocabulary cards allow students an easy way to memorize Latin vocabulary words that appear five or more times in the AP* Ovid syllabus selections. The cards are divided into three groups: (1) words occurring 15 or more times, (2) words occurring 9–14 times, and (3) words occurring 5–8 times. Students can memorize Latin to English or English to Latin, and use the cards to help them memorize the full lexical forms of the Latin vocabulary words. These cards make vocabulary review a breeze!

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Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn, Learn > Flash Cards
Supporting languages: English, Latin
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
  • 158 numbered vocabulary cards, on perforated cardstock - divided into three groups, by frequency of occurrence: words occurring 15 + times, 9–14 times, 5–8 times - full Latin vocabulary entry on one side (with macrons, accents, and complete principal parts for verbs and nominative and genitive forms for nouns) - English meanings plus select derivatives/cognates on the other side
  • full-page removable reference cards - List of ALL vocabulary occurring in the AP* Ovid selections—an at-hand Ovid AP* dictionary! - The popular Graphic Latin Grammar cards that give easy access to a Latin grammar while studying - A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms, Figures of Speech, and Metrical Devices - Reading Ovid’s Meters: The Dactylic Hexameter and Elegiac Couplet
  • easily assembled storage box for cards
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