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Osaka Elegy
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"In 1936 Mizoguchi made his most brilliant pre-war film, Osaka Elegy, shot in 20 days and banned after 1940 for 'decadent tendencies,' a euphemism barely concealing the military government's fear of the radicalism of Mizoguchi's satire of the ruthless, all-pervasive Osaka capitalism. In this film the mature Mizoguchi style emerges for the first time as he creates, entirely through visual means, a balance between the fate of the heroine Ayako and the corrupt, degenerate values of Osaka. The plot concerns the seduction of Ayako, a switchboard operator, by her boss" (Joan Mellen, The Waves at Genji's Door). Japanese with English subtitles.

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Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Drama
Supporting language: Japanese
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