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Languages > Portuguese > Religious Studies > Buddhism > SGI > Os Clįssicos da Literatura Japonesa - Ikeda, Nemoto - Portuguese

Os Clįssicos da Literatura Japonesa - Ikeda, Nemoto - Portuguese
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On the Japanese Classics is a series of conversations between Daisaku Ikeda and Makoto Nemoto, a specialist in Chinese history, in which they discuss the great works of Japanese classical literature. Their talks center on Man'yoshu (a Collection of a Myriad Leaves, c. late eighth century), Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters, 712), Genji Monogatari (The Tale of Genji, c. early eleventh century), and Konjaku Monogatari (Tales of the Past and Present, c. 1120).

The authors try not to impose any broad framework of interpretation upon these works or to arrive at any systematic conclusions concerning them. Rather, they attempt to define the particular worth and appeal of each, discovering some of the ways in which it is related to the life and thought of the time.

Product ID: 102497     ISBN-10: 8501037710
Categories: Religious Studies, Religious Studies > Buddhism > SGI
Supporting language: Portuguese
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