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Old Slavonic for Mac

Old Slavonic for Mac
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Professional-quality SlavonicLS, OldSlavonicLS, ChurchSlavonicLS, SlavonicExtras, and BookSlavonic Type 1 and TrueType outline fonts and corresponding bitmap fonts in a transliterated system 7 keyboard arrangement. OldSlavonicLS represents the earlier, and perhaps more complete, form of Slavonic, with many letter-forms which were dropped or disappeared over the years. BookSlavonic reproduces the more common form of Slavonic encountered in liturgical and other texts, and is optimized for laser-printing. ChurchSlavonicLS includes the faint sloping calligraphic flavor of the alphabet seen in books today and would therefore be better for those who have 600 dpi or better printers. SlavonicLS is the same as OldSlavonicLS, except that the i and n are replaced with the modern form of these characters for those users who prefer those forms. SlavonicExtras contains rarely used Slavonic characters complementing the other fonts. Includes a remapped, transliterated keyboard arrangement for optimally efficient keyboard entry of overstriking swashes for omitted characters, etc. Includes UserĘs Manual, Keyboard Layout Chart(s), and keycap sticker sheet.
This product is not returnable or refundable for any reason. This is the publisher's policy.

Product ID: 864
Categories: Fonts, Software - Mac, System
Supporting languages: Church Slavic, Old Church Slavonic, Old Slavonic
Platforms/media types: Mac
Specifications: Mac SE-30 or newer, System 6.0.7 or newer. Includes keyboard software for OS 7.1-9.2 and OS X version 10.2 and following.
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