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Languages > Czech > Movies/Videos > Old Believers - Three Films by Jana Sevcikova (DVD)
Old Believers - Three Films by Jana Sevcikova (DVD)

Old Believers - Three Films by Jana Sevcikova (DVD)
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In the outlands of Eastern Europe, acclaimed filmmaker Jana Sevcikova spent years chronicling the descendants of immigrants and exiles. The resulting poetic, intimate documentaries capture the unique lives and customs of people unknown to most of the world. Shot over five years, the award-winning Old Believers (2001, 46 mins.) documents a strongly religious community where time seems to stand still. This haunting film presents the meditative rhythm of the place, giving transcendental significance to even the most ordinary everyday tasks. Sevcikova further explores the humanity and mystery of people from another place and time in Piemule (1984, 43 mins.), offering a close look at the descendants of Czech immigrants in Romania, and Jakub (1992, 65 mins.), the story of Ruthenian Jakub Popovich in western Bohemia. In Czech with English subtitles.

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Supporting language: Czech
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1984-2001, 154 mins
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